MY BLOG: All the time in the world…

Someone told me a story a few years ago that had a really profound affect on me, and I thought I’d share it.

In the 1800s & 1900s there was a prodigous cello player named Pablo Casals. He was considered the preeminant cellist of the 20th century.
At age four Casals could play the violin, piano and flute; at the age of six he played the violin well enough to perform a solo in public, and by the age of seven, he was touring all around Europe with his father giving concerts. Whilst on tour, Casals’ father would often trawl old music stores in the search for rare music for his son to play at his concerts. One day he stumbled upon a lost piece by Bach. He gifted this rare find to his son on his 12th birthday. Now I want to point out the Pablo Casals was so talented that he could have played this piece with his eyes closed at the age of six or seven, but he waited untill he was thirty-five years old before he played the piece in public.

When he did finally play it, the audience was astounded at its beauty not to mention the sheer brilliance with which Casals played it. After the concert, a journalist asked him ‘You’ve had this piece for 23 years. You’re a GENIUS, you could have played this ten or even twenty years ago. Why hold it back from us? Why wait so long? Why now?’

Casals sat back for a moment before replying ‘if you’re a genius, you have all the time in the world’.

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