MY BLOG: Love this story on Arjuna

When Arjuna was born, there was a prophecy from Kaal

“This is your third child Kunti. Look at his fingers, they are sharp, pointed and in perfect coordination. Look at his shoulders, for they are long and stretched apart. He will be a warrior prince with exceptional skills in archery”

Arjuna learned and polished his skills every single day without fail. When he was a kid, he used to wake up at midnight and practice in the dark. It is his exceptional hard work and discipline which made him so skilled in archery.

It is said that “Vidya” can be obtained in 4 forms

Self (If the self is not interested, Saraswati will not be obliged)
Guru (Without the guidance of a teacher, no Vidya is complete)
Peers (There are things you will learn from peers and not from your teacher)
Time (Experience will teach you mastery of an art)
Arjuna utilized the fourth one very well. His practice continued till the end of the Kurukhetra war. When Abhimanyu was killed mercilessly, Arjuna did a pratigya that the next day, he will either kill Jaydratha or he will commit suicide.

That night, Krishna discovered Arjuna practicing again at midnight. He said to Arjuna

“You need not practice today Partha, you should sleep and take some rest. Because tomorrow, you have an exam to face.”

To this Arjuna had said

Keshav, tomorrow is my hardest battle. Because tomorrow I will be fighting with time and hence, I must utilize today to its fullest.

A real teacher teaches his students the art of learning, not the subject alone. Once the student has mastered the art of learning, he can learn anything and everything he wishes to. Arjuna was skilled enough to learn how to learn and he kept on learning.

It is said that Arjuna even learnt from his own son Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu held Bheesma on the first day of the Kurukhetra battle and later in the camp, it is Abhimanyu who taught Arjuna how he countered Bheesma’s moves and other things.

So as we can see, Arjuna did not have a single bit of ego when it came to learning from others.

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