MY BLOG: Talent shows are my secret (no longer) guilty pleasure. Here are my some of mfavorite performances.[U]

I’ll keep updating this as I stumble across more gems! Will put the newer ones I find at the bottom and put a [u] next to it.  I swear to God each one of these gave me tears at the back of my eyes (and sometimes even out the front of ’em!).

Grace Vanderwaal (2016)

I’ll start this off with my favorite of all time, then post them as they come to mind and/or I discover more.




This is a video she posted after her first performance, a gem of a song she wrote that’s never been released or performed, but too good not to post here. This girl’s clearly lived a billion life times before and remembers every single one of them.



Chase Goehring (2017)








Courntey Hadwin (2018) 






Shaheen Jafargholi (2009)





Sal Valentinetti (2016)




Marc Spelmann (2018)







Ray Jessel (2018) [U]