TECH: Get Active or This App Will Block You from Using Your iPhone

Along with sweeping performance enhancements, FaceTime group calling, and a host of other new features and advancements, Apple’s upcoming iOS 12 software update also includes a powerful new utility dubbed Screen Time. A comprehensive tool designed to monitor app usage and allow limits to be set reducing the amount of time a user spends staring into a display.

There are nearly a dozen ways in which iOS 12’s Screen Time feature stands to not only help reduce the amount of time you or your kids spend using devices, but can even help your family break their smartphone addiction, according to Apple.

On its own, Screen Time is poised to play a pivotal role in promoting healthy device usage patterns, as well as limit a user’s chances of suffering screen fatigue — but one app developer recently unleashed a unique new title, dubbed Goya-Move, which is meant to take Screen Time to a whole new level.

What Is Goya-Move?

Described as an app intended to “get children off their mobile devices and moving again,” Goya-Move allows parents to set hourly, daily and even weekly Screen Time goals for their kids or themselves to meet — only allowing use of the device aftercertain physical fitness goals have been reached.

Goya Move

“Goya-Move was designed by parents for parents. We, the founders of Goya-Move are parents of a household of children. With the same problems we faced in our household, we learned those problems exist in yours as well,” Goya-Move’s developers, P-INK Ventures, note. “Our goal was not to punish our children by taking their phones away, rather teach them about screen time moderation and accountability.”

“By taking our children’s phones away as punishment, we have now lost the ability to communicate with our children, track our children and give them access to a secure way to communicate in an escalated situation. Our patent pending app allows the parent to have full control of their children’s screen time while getting the children out moving and playing again! There are also many health-related benefits for your children by using this app for a healthier lifestyle.”

Does It Work?

Not being a parent, I can’t personally offer insight into whether or not you’ll experience results using Goya-Move’s platform. As a young-adult not too far removed from my childhood roots, reminiscing of what I’d normally consider “fun” back in my hay-day, this app seems like more of a positive incentive rather than a form of punishment.

There’s obviously no way to tell if you’ll be able to get your kids onboard with Goya-Move’s program, but if you’re wanting to give the app a test-drive to see how or if it works, you can download it for free from the App Store now. Each download comes with a 5-day trial offer, after which monthly subscriptions are available for $1.99/month for the first user, and just $1/month more for each additional user.